FULL-LENGTH MATCH – SmackDown – Undertaker, John Cena & DX vs. CM Punk & Legacy

Oct. 2, 2009 – The 10th Anniversary of SmackDown showcases the biggest Eight-Man Tag Team Match in the history of it’s show.

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  • ThePain72 3 months ago

    Poor Ted he could’ve had such a great career in WWE but they buried his

  • Almin Nesimi 3 months ago

    Aw man,I miss WWE,I remember when i used to watch/play regulary wwe with my
    bro,friends,cousins … all that is ogne now :/

  • largol33t1 3 months ago

    20:18 – I bet Orton was thinking “Damn, why do I have to get picked?!”

  • Kenny Nakawaki 3 months ago

    Defiantly one of the best matches I’ve ever seen. In the end it turned

  • Nuri Akın 3 months ago

    double fu!!!

  • dovah catson 3 months ago

    undertaker john cena and dx vs legacy and cm punk…..cmon its like
    hornswoggle santino marella vladimir kozlov and brodus clay vs ryback
    batista brock lesner and bobby lashley 

  • Ivo Traikov 3 months ago

    when are we gonna see a match like this in todays smackdown or RAW :( 

  • priyank padia 3 months ago


  • Giannis Giannis 3 months ago

    look at undertakers eyes

  • MBHerbig 3 months ago

    DX, cena, undertaker… half the match is literally entrance 

  • Wyatt Lozano 3 months ago

    took a workout from cena check my page great strength results.

  • omar awadh 3 months ago

    I have wwe 13 and wwe 14

  • Jay Shaq 3 months ago

    why does cody Rhodes have the triforce logo on his boots.

  • officialdardan 3 months ago

    AAAH if undertaker had a chanse to destroy cm punk that night but well he
    owned cm punk in hell in a cell! :) 

  • osayi wisdom 3 months ago


  • RealDealSoulja 3 months ago

    When fuckboy cena comes out, we already know what team is winning.

  • SASA edwards 3 months ago

    Cm punk is a good guy now you know

  • KingSnake4158 3 months ago

    did orton take roids? his jaw looks wider these days

  • SwagYaj 3 months ago

    Man I remember this lol

  • Jc Guyette 3 months ago

    Hey It’s the john dear tractor version of john cena

  • priyank padia 3 months ago

    4 lengends john cena n all one side n rest 4 suckers another side

  • peer shah 3 months ago

    Long Live Undertaker and John Cena

  • CJ Sellers 3 months ago

    JR said he has never called a match so big with this much star power in it
    before… So apparently like Rock, Taker, Kane, Big Show, Chris Jericho vs.
    Steve Austin, Booker T, RVD, Shane McMahon and Kurt Angle wasn’t a big
    enough match with star power… 

  • Dinora Canales 3 months ago

    Amazing match !